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Wink models TOWIE's Courtney Green and Love Island's Kady McDermott Love Triangle

by Alex Roxbourne 07 Oct 2018

Love Island star Kady McDermott and new boyfriend Myles Barnett recently went public with their relationship on a recent episode of TOWIE, after a tense conversation with Courtney, which left her boyfriend's ex in tears. The recent love triangle involves Wink model Kady McDermott the new boyfriend of Myles Barnett, who split with TOWIE star Courtney Green who was also seen on Instagram wearing Wink to the gym and lounging around at home.  

Courtney Green Instagram post above wearing Wink's Elektra Set (above). Courtney chilling out at home wearing her Elektra Leggings (below).

The popular reality show The Only Way is Essex is aired on ITVBe on Sunday in the UK. The awkward exchange kicked off when Kady decided to introduce herself, insisting that she didn't want any uncomfortable feeling between the two of them. However, Courtney insisted it would be "bloody hard" seeing her former flame with a new girlfriend, before Kady made things worse by agreeing that Myles had moved on quite quickly and asking Courtney whether she was still in love with him. After admitting that she was, the conversation abruptly ended when Courtney started to cry and fled the scene followed by her friend Chloe Meadows. 



Myles who split up with Courtney in July started dating Kady just a month after. Rumours of a cross over have since been denied by Kady. TOWIE fans have been going crazy on Twitter and Instagram calling Kady 'muggy' and calling Myles insensitive and spiteful for letting his new girlfriend confront Courtney like that. Other fans have been supportive of the new relationship saying it's amazing seeing the new couple so happy and respect to Kady for having the guts to confront Courtney like that. 

Kady McDermott showing off her yoga skills modelling Wink's Camilla Set last summer.

A recent spoiler has confirmed that whilst Courtney is still reeling from the awkward encounter, she decides to confront Myles about the incident after they bump into each other in a bar. However the pair proceed to have a screaming match resulting in Courtney storming off.

Kady McDermott training on bootcamp wearing her Asymmetric Crop Top and Fitness Leggings.

Myles admits he's upset by her words, but argues that Kady's gesture was fair, as he has been introduced to many of Courtney's exes in the past.

However, his comment only angers Courtney, who snaps: "There's a difference hanging out with my friends and her just coming up to me.

"If she hadn't come over to you, everyone would have been digging her out. Anything she did was going to be twisted into a nasty thing."

The fight ends with Courtney storming off, causing Myles to seek advice from his friends Dan and Lauren.

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