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New Wink Movie

by Sarah McCylmont 21 Aug 2018
The Wink team had a blast filming our latest movie in the beautiful Tulum in Mexico!
 We filmed in some amazing locations including:

- The stunning yoga retreat Holistika Hotel Tulum with circus performers from L'atelier Pole Dance

- The famous Flintstone style Tulum Jungle Gym with gym equipment made from all natural stone and wood. Featuring body building competitors, calisthenics and Cross Fit athletes.

- Sunrise shots on Tulum beach with World champion and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Casa Del Chango and Lupita Valdes, Luvapole

- The breath taking Dos Ojos Senote of Tulum with three utterly amazing natural cave pools.
Check out our behind the scenes of our Spring/Summer Collection movie filmed by Emmy award winning Junction15 Productions.

A big thanks to all our performers:
Casa Del Chango
Lupita Valdes
Katie Davies
Ricardo Castro
Janis White
Dahn Vallarta
Cristina Furtunov
Dominika Dwernicka
Adrianne Nina
Sandra Garcia Herrera
Senote Diver
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