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New Wink Movie

New Wink Movie Posted by Sarah McCylmont on

The Wink team had a blast filming our latest movie in the beautiful Tulum in Mexico!  We filmed in some amazing locations including: - The stunning yoga retreat Holistika Hotel Tulum with circus performers from L'atelier Pole Dance.  - The famous Flintstone style Tulum Jungle Gym with gym equipment made from all natural stone and wood. Featuring body building competitors, calisthenics and Cross Fit athletes. - Sunrise shots on Tulum beach with World champion and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Casa Del Chango and Lupita Valdes, Luvapole - The breath taking Dos Ojos Senote of Tulum with three utterly amazing natural...

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NEW WINK MOVIE 'CHIAROSCURO' Posted by Sarah McCylmont on

Wink are excited to announce the launch of their new movie titled 'Chiaroscuro' the Italian for 'Dark to Light' starring pole dance star Annalisa Muresu. Wink have teamed with Junction 15 and make-up artist Melvic Make-up to create this unique story of coming out of the darkness and into the light. This short movie begins with Annalisa's birth into the darkness through a chrysalis state, who then uses dance and movement to portray her journey of empowerment into the light until she becomes an almost angelic higher being! Wink believe their brand empowers the wearer, bringing out their inner confidence!  Thank you to our fabulous Sponsors:...

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