Men's fitness clothing and dance fitness wear

Men's fitness clothing and dance fitness wear designed and made in the UK with durable high-quality materials and anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties that draw moisture away from the skin.

Men's shorts, tops, leggings and monokini's are perfect for sports, gym, training, stretch, weight lifting and can even be worn for swimming. Wink Men's Clothing is also great for pole dance, aerial, yoga and dance performance. Wink were the first brand to introduce a fashionable range of men's pole dance and fitness shorts and are continuing to expand their range. Wink’s best selling men's shorts are made with a double front layer and an extra wide gusset for added support. Why not have one of our outfits made to order in a different colour from our WINK UNIQ section, and even add our Starburst Crystals to enhance your performance costume.

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