Pole Dance and Dance Fitness Accessories

We sell a variety of best-selling pole fitness, pole dance, aerial arts and modern dance accessories. Wink’s best-selling Arm Garters and Leg Garters are available in a wide selection of colours and make the perfect addition to your Wink outfit.

Wink’s high-quality Stirrup Legwarmers, Sparkle Legwarmers and Striped Legwarmers are great for keeping you warm in winter whilst training and look super sexy when worn for a photoshoot or performance. Why not add sparkle to your costume by selecting Wink’s Starburst Crystals.

Wink’s selection of grip aids and non greasy moisturisers are suitable for pole fitness, sports and aerial arts.

Treat your training buddies, friends and family to a Wink Designs E-Voucher - an ideal gift for special occasions.

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