Fitness, Pole Dance and Yoga Shorts

Fitness shorts, pole dance shorts, pole fitness shorts, running shorts and yoga shorts designed and manufactured by Wink Designs in the UK. Wink's pole dance, yoga and fitness shorts are sassy and bold yet fit-for-purpose; designed to stay in place, keeping you dry and providing support where needed. Our pole shorts are made from durable high-quality fabrics to a high standard, available in a variety of funky styles such as booty shorts, hot pants, high leg shorts and drawstring shorts.

Wink pole dance and fitness shorts are great for strength training, and are worn by professional pole athletes, body builders, gymnasts and cheerleaders. Wink is also great for the more body conscious, such as new mums who are getting back into fitness. Why not try Wink’s Drawstring Shorts with adjustable waist that can cover the tummy or be rolled down to help with grip. Pole shorts with adjustable drawstring sides can be worn at different lengths. Please also check out our matching crop tops, vest tops, leggings and arm and leg garters.

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