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Has Your Competition Been Cancelled? New Ways To Showcase Your Hard Work...

by Sarah McClymont 21 Sep 2020

Has your competition been cancelled?

Maybe competing isn't your thing?

Want a fun way to monitor your progress?

Want to showcase your hard work?

Fancy some great images for your Insta?

Want to surprise your partner with a nice gift?


If the answer to any of the above is yes, than a photoshoot may be the answer…



A photoshoot is a great way to show off your training progress. A lot of competitions have closed down due to Covid-19, however a photoshoot is a great way to showcase your hard work. Some people don’t the idea of competing or feel you don’t have the time, confidence or discipline. Keeping a progress diary of all those new moves you learnt or to show your physique is great to keep you motivated and to look back at in future. We all progress at different levels and you don’t need to be a super model to book a professional photoshoot. A photoshoot is for you so no matter what fitness level or body type, a professional photoshoot will make you look and feel amazing!!



A good photographer will make you feel at ease and instruct you on how to pose. You can practise some posing before you attend and there are plenty of ideas on social media or on the photographer’s page. Have fun selecting your outfit, and girls, heels are great for posture. It’s always great to book a good makeup artist and have your hair done, but if you have a tight budget ask a friend or practise some new looks from YouTube.





If you want to set yourself a new fitness goal, booking a photoshoot is a great way to give you something to aim towards. A fitness and nutrition coach will help you reach your goal, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or tone up. Find a good reputable coach who is experienced in what you are trying to achieve, trust them and follow their instructions. They have experienced, lived and learnt it, they know what they are doing and if you work together you can achieve amazing results. If you get off track or cheat, don’t be ashamed. Let them know, they are there to support you and advise you on how to stay motivated and stay on track.




It’s very important to stay in a positive mindset. The mind is incredibly powerful, negative thoughts set your body into survival mode and can restrict your progress. Ways to stay in a positive mindset are keep busy, keep your mind distracted and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s important to keep positive people around you that support you, and/or understand what you are going through. Make time to do something each day to help you relax. Meditation, yoga, a relaxing walk, whatever works for you. Get plenty of sleep and rest, these are equally important for your journey.



Most importantly, select your outfit!! We have a large selection of flattering options to choose from and contact us for your photoshoot discount.


Can’t find the outfit colour or size you like? We offer a ‘made to fit’ service in any colour or fabric of your choice. Just select Bespoke Colour from the dropdown menu and enter your requirements into the bespoke text box. Good luck and don’t forget to tag us in your images!!



PoWr Gymwear owner Sarah McClymont recently did a 7 week cut for a photoshoot and lost a whopping 9kg with the help of coach Claire Aves who designed the perfect meal plan to reach her end goal.


‘I wanted to set myself a new challenge. I have been training hard at the gym, my competition was cancelled due to Covid-19 so I decided to book a shoot to showcase all the hard work I have put in the gym. My goal was to lose some weight to better see my muscle definition. I have always loved my food so thought I would really struggle on reduced calories. I picked Claire Aves as my coach as she always gets results, she has won many competitions and seems to do well in everything she sets her mind to. I could really do with this kind of discipline and thought she would be a great mentor. I enjoyed the process but it wasn’t always easy. There were times when I thought ‘Why am I doing this? I miss eating what I want, it’s tough getting up early to train every morning, I’m often too tired to enjoy time with loved ones and was limited on what I could do socially’. But it was a challenge I set myself and I wanted to complete it. I did my best, listened to my coach and kept myself surrounded by positive supportive people. I was overwhelmed by the results and am really impressed with the photos from my shoot. It was definitely worth my time and effort and 7 weeks flew by.

Sarah McClymont


Follow Sarah’s highlights: 7 WEEK CUT HIGHLIGHTS


Pictured above, Sarah McClymont - Wink Fitnesswear owner. Meal Plan by Claire Aves Fitness



Remember it is not necessary to lose weight or increase training for a photoshoot. Everyone has different goals and you need to make your shoot something fun for you. You could always book a couple shoot, with friends or your training partner. Whatever you decide, remember to have fun and enjoy the process!! Keep us updated on your story and don’t forget to share your images with us @winkfitnesswear

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