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How Eco Friendly Are Wink?

by Sarah McClymont 21 Oct 2020

At Wink we not only sell Eco Friendly products, but are environmentally friendly as a company...

We focus on energy efficient production methods aiming to reduce disposable fashion as much as possible. Here are some of the ways we try and make a difference to our environment:

ECONYL® RECYCLED NYLON fabric used in our latest collections.
With the increase in plastic pollution, we are doing our best to reduce the harmful effects of plastic in our environment by reducing single use plastic.
Check out our latest collection made from recycled plastics:


MADE TO LAST high quality clothing produced by our highly skilled production team. 

Are you sick of throwing out bags of clothing? Our high quality durable garments will last years and can even be sold on second hand clothing sites instead of being binned. Guilt free clear outs are the best!

QUALITY MATERIALS that do not loose colour or shape, even after hundreds of washes. 

Do you get fed up when your favourite leggings fade, fray or loose shape? Wink clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics that continue to perform and look great!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FABRICS dyed with environmentally safe dyes.

With the increase in fast fashion, billions of gallons of waste water produced by the textile industry are polluting rivers. Using local suppliers ensures we can maintain strict environmental safety guidelines to prevent waste pollution from dyes and fabric treatments. 

MADE IN THE UK using locally sourced fabrics reduces our carbon footprint. 

Our in house production team ensures that our clothing can go straight from the sewing machine to your door, keeping our transportation and carbon emissions to a minimum

STRETCH PRINTS are more durable, preventing them from cracking or peeling. 

The amount of times we have had to throw away our favorite top just because the print has worn. Our prints contain Lycra so that they stretch with your body making them last longer. No more cracked, faded or peeling prints!

MIX AND MATCH different seasonal ranges to keep old outfits looking fresh.

It's never fun when you feel like you are constantly wearing the same pole set or gym kit. That is why Wink design their ranges to be mix and matched to create more looks. Just changing your top will create a whole different outfit. We also make our clothing in Bespoke Colours so you can easily colour match your new shorts to last season's vest top!

Check out our Mix and Match Compression Range:

FREE REPAIR SERVICE on general wear and tear problems so that your clothing lasts even longer.

Your leggings may be great quality but there is always one area that degrades before the rest of the garment. Elastic waistbands can go first, or the seam may become loose from lots of use. Like a car that needs new tires or break pads we will happily repair wear and tear damage for you!

MADE TO FIT SERVICE suitable for all body types and shapes, helps clothing last longer by offering better comfort and fit. 

How many outfits do you have sitting in the bottom of your drawer because the underbust elastic is a little loose, or your gorgeous new dress just doesn't sit well on the hips. We all have that favourite outfit that we wear all the time, just because it is super comfy and flattering. Made to Fit clothing fits like a glove, making you never want to take it off!

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING that is biodegradable or recyclable.

Your outfit will not arrive in a big fancy branded box with loads of pass the parcel style packaging. We use minimal lightweight packaging that will not go to land fill.

NO FANCY HEADQUARTERS we work from a small office.

No open spaces and dusty board rooms here! We bounce our ideas in our cute little office space where we can remain closely connected and inspired. We  hold minimal stock making our work environment small and energy efficient. We keep our paper waste to a minimum and recycle as much as possible.

love all of us at Wink! 

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