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4 Fun Workouts you can do with a friend!

by Sarah McCylmont 24 Apr 2017
Find something you love….
Tired of Setting New Year Resolutions you never complete???
It’s now April and you still haven’t gone to the gym

So many people say…during the New Year I’m going to the gym! Some people will actually go while others don’t go. The people that tend to go usually get overwhelmed after the first few weeks …This happens due to the individual expecting microwavable results and get disappointed. Set smart goals and take baby steps.

Bad Goals:
Instead of saying, I’m going to go to the gym in 2017, lose weight.

Smart Goals:
On January 2,2017, I will go to LA Fitness at 6am to get a fitness membership
By February 28, 2017, I will lose 20 lbs by working out 2 times a week for 30 minutes.
Follow this format to stay on track:
A-Arrange your environment
S-Stick to one thing
T-Too easy to fail
Start working out for 15 minutes then increase to 30 minutes.

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1.Catch it
Find a friend to play catch! Lay flat on your back. Have your partner stand in front of you at the end of your feet. Extend your arms and throw the ball to your partner. Then your partner will throw the ball back to you.  Do 12 reps and 2 sets

2.Hula Hooping
When I was little, I used to be the worse hula hooper! As soon as I would place the hula-hoop on my mid-section the hula-hoop would shoot straight to the ground. When you are hula hooping you are focusing on the mid-section. A proven study showed that 13 women were asked to use a weighted hula hoop for five days a week for six weeks, for two minutes on the first day and then for longer and longer stints until they were hooping for 15 minutes a day starting in week three. The result: The women lost 3.4 centimeters from their midsections and 1.4 centimeters from their hips, on average. Let’s Hula Hoop!!

3. Beach Volleyball
Grab a partner and go out to the park or out in your backyard to play volleyball. Volleyball is all about moving side-to-side and up-and-down to get the ball. All that quick lateral movement works your middle section.
This summer try volleyball on the beach. The unstable surface of the sand gets your stabilizing muscles activated,”

4. Let’s go skating with the girls!!
Skating is all about balance! You are relying in your mid-section so you can be able to stand-up right. Burn off the fat while rolling!
Bonus: Turn up the music and dance
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