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Pressure to Learn the Big Tricks and Flips

by Sarah McCylmont 26 Sep 2016

As the pole industry evolves, we are seeing more amazing tricks and flips being performed. Most enthusiastic pole dancers love to keep up with the latest move and many spend hours working on or even creating the next cool trick! A good instructor will instruct their classes safely to deal with all these crazy new moves but safety is still a big concern to many within the industry.

Daniel Rosen Pole Artist and former Mr Pole Dance UK has always been concerned about safety and is even an ambassador for the PoleSafe Federation He was involved with the #trainsafe #polesafe #teachsafe campaign which was set up to bring awareness to safety within the industry. 

Some people may have been offended by his comments, but in reality pole dance is potentially a very dangerous sport, and although it is great fun and a fantastic workout, it holds a big risk for injury. Pole Dancing requires a lot of strength, it is an aerial activity so there is the obvious risk of falling, and also involves a lot of fast movement, flips and tricks. 

Daniel Rosen was asked to write something recently on safety as part of the PoleSafe Federation team. So he decided to write the following post. He states 'It is just my opinion so please don't be offended': 

One of my passions is teaching people. It makes me happy and I feel a sense of achievement when I help people. So many people come to me for privates and ask for crazy tricks and flips, some of which take years to build up to. And I appreciate that the flips and leaps etc are so fun and look amazing but whats the rush? 
When asking for fonjis and backflips people are usually baffled when I explain there are a few "prerequisites" they will need to do before they do the move. Mainly that you will need to be strong enough to flip yourself high in the air while changing grip and maintaining control of your body. (Not an easy task trust me). What is achieved if you have to be lifted over on each attempt? ....... Nothing. And actually all it does is give you a false sense of illusion that you will be able to achieve this trick without a spot and then injury follows. Now, Im all for a heavy spot on the first few goes so you can feel the movement etc but if after a few more goes you still require a lot of man handling its clear that maybe more conditioning and prep is needed. DONT FEEL DESPONDENT. This doesn't mean you aren't good at pole. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. For now it just means you have some homework and there is no shame in having something to work on. So if your teacher is telling you that they wont teach you a move, PLEASE PLEASE do not be offended by this. This is them looking out for your safety and their insurance as the last thing we want is a horrible accident. No one is holding you back. If you need to be manhandled and lifted for every crazy flip and trick you want to learn this is not helping you. Yeah sure, at the time it feels so amazing because you just did a back flip and its so fun. But when someone is having to hold your weight the whole way they are giving you 5 mins of "YAY I did it". You won't then be able to go away and do it alone safely which when you think about it makes it pointless. Look for a teacher who will give you the tools to achieve an amazing trick with control and correct technique. Someone who will look out for your personal safety because we can all be a bit cray cray sometimes hehe. And most of all just do what you enjoy. Don't be pressured into doing moves because everyone else is. Its about doing what you want to do and doing it safely. Lets enjoy the journey more guys and stop trying to rush to the finish line. 

To see more from Daniel Rosen please click on the link below to see his page:

Daniel Rosen– Pole Artist


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