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Benefits of Weight Training for Men, Women and Pole Dancers

by Sarah McCylmont 23 Jul 2017

How Does Weight Training Work


One of the best ways to improve your physique and get fitter faster is by weight training. Lifting weights causes tiny tears in your muscle fibres. These are then repaired while you rest away from the gym and as a result your muscles grow back bigger and stronger.   

Can Weight Training Also Improve a Woman’s Physique?

When women consider weight training and body building, they think only one thing ‘I’m going to look masculine, big and bulky.’ The answer is no, you will not! It is physiologically impossible for a woman to put on large amounts of muscle mass due to their hormonal makeup. Muscles need testosterone to grow, and women have considerably lower testosterone levels than men. Therefore, without taking testosterone or steroids, you will not turn masculine and bulky. In fact, a desirable female physique can be achieved by lifting some serious weight around the gym! Weight training can give you a lean and sexy physique, and it a fantastic fat burner. As you gain muscles in your legs and upper body, your waist appears slimmer. It also gives you a great bum and super thighs, plus enhancing the feminine shape of your legs.

Will Weight Training help with Pole Dance and other Sports?

Hell yes!! Weight training to help improve pole dance is a fantastic way of increasing your skill on the pole and to prevent injuries. As you progress as a pole dancer, you will naturally build strength quite quickly but pole dancers will still struggle to get into certain moves. Although technique is very important, having the strength to get into that move will help you massively. It will also help improve your stamina and give you an amazing body for all those pole progress pictures you will be taking! Just remember not to overdo it with the weights just before a pole session or it will limit your strength whilst getting into tricky moves. Try to fit weight training into your weekly routine and give yourself enough time to rest and recover whilst your muscles are repairing and growing stronger.


I Find the Gym Intimidating, I Don’t Have the Confidence to Start Weight Training!

The gym environment can be intimidating. It is very often a male dominated environment, especially around the weights area. Women feel awkward walking into this man-zone and getting leered at during their workout, and men feel awkward surrounding themselves by guys twice their size and looking like they don’t know what they are doing. Most newbies will not know how to use all the equipment, the machines look complicated and they are too afraid to ask for help. Don’t worry about what’s happening around you. Every single person in that gym started from the beginning so no one will laugh at you. If you feel under the spotlight, stick some headphones on and get into the right head space. Walk in feeling confident and don’t be afraid to ask the person next to you for help. They were there once and the more you visit the gym, the more relaxed and confident you will feel. If you are feeling really anxious take a friend along or book a personal trainer who will help you learn your way around the gym, teach you some workouts and show you how to use the equipment. If you are entering a new gym, always ask to be shown around and have your induction on your first visit if you are new to training. If you prefer to be self taught, there are plenty of books and training videos online. Not everyone in your gym will be training correctly, no matter how ripped they are, so always do your research first and don’t copy the guy sat next to you in the gym.


Tips to Get the Most From Your Training

Many people stick to the same few exercises every time they go to the gym. That isn’t the right way to keep improving because your muscles quickly adapt to the same stimuli and no longer need to keep growing. This also applies to people who go to the same exercise classes every week. Your muscles just get used to it and although regular exercise is great for your health, you are not doing much to improve your strength and stamina. It is best to continuously change the exercises you perform to shock your muscles. This will ensure your muscles are never allowed to stay in their comfort zone, forcing them to continue getting larger and stronger.

 Nutrition and Rest

Nutrition and rest are both equally as important as your training session. Although weight training is required for making muscles bigger and stronger, it’s the in between sessions when the damaged muscle fibres are repairing that your muscles grow. This means that planning your rest is as important as planning your training. Taking too long between sessions can reduce stimulus momentum whereas too little recovery time can limit gains while also increasing the risk of fatigue, over training, injury and mental boredom. You’ll know when you have had sufficient rest because you’ll feel fresh and strong.

The nutritional information overload that comes flying at the unsuspected newcomer is bewildering and very often not to be trusted. Nutrition has become a big money making business and there are lots of supplement companies and protein food companies that will happily drain your bank accounts. It is up to you if you decide to take supplements to help aid your workout but try to avoid the high in sugar products. The best way to fuel your workouts is to eat healthy fresh foods. Buy most of your groceries from the first two shopping aisles where the fresh fruit/veg and meat products sit and try to avoid the other aisles filled with processed junk and hidden sugars. Carbohydrates are needed to provide energy and protein is needed to help your muscles repair and grow stronger. Make sure you are getting plenty of protein after a workout and stick to good carbohydrates, such as vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, potatoes and whole grains.

If you are training to lose weight or bulk up, make sure you are eating the right amount of food. For weight loss, most people will automatically eat more after a gym session without realising to reward themselves. Many people who wonder why they are not putting on weight could be eating the wrong foods, and not enough of the right foods.

Always Use Correct Form and Lift the Correct Weight

Always use correct form and never attempt to lift weights that are too heavy for you to control properly. Pick a weight you can manage easily the first time you do any lifting. This allows you to concentrate on correcting the form. The weight can be increased over time so leave your ego at the door. Choosing a weight that is too heavy is the fastest way to cut your training short through injury. If you are unsure, do your research or ask an expert.

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