Wink Movie 2 'Chiaroscuro' Behind the Scenes Footage

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Wink are excited to film the new movie called 'Chiaroscuro' the Italian for Light-Dark. Starring pole dancing star Annalisa Muresu, with Emmy award winning production company Junction15 Productions

The transformation from dark to light was interpreted through dance, costume, make-up and special effects. Wink teamed up with talented make-up artist Melanie Doyle from Melvic Makeup Academy in Warrington, as well as assistants Rebecca Goulding, Chloe Wilkes and Katie Hyland. Melanie's creative style was perfect for this movie and the make-up team worked hard playing with make-up styles, head dresses, flowing accessories and even tearing latex, to help create this fantastic Chiaroscuro character. Here are some behind the scenes footage of the make-up and filming.... 

Annalisa Muresu wore the Wink Asymmetric Monokini in wetlook for her dark character and the Asymmetric Monokini in metallic silver for light, decorated with crystals.


Annalisa as a professional performer always puts a lot of emotion and feeling into her performances. The emotion shown within her choreography flows from her body movements right through to her facial expressions. During filming, Annalisa got into character straight away, showing the lost, trapped and vulnerable side of the Dark character, and also the confident free angelic spirit of the Light character. Her Italian beauty shone through in both characters and she was stunning to watch during the filming.

'Chiaroscuro' is the second movie that Wink have worked on with Junction15. The first starred Ian Matthews and Lorna (Thomas) Walker with Make up Artist Lucas Swann: 

We can't wait to show you the final result!!

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