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Beautiful combo by Wink brand ambassador Monika Ell

by Sarah McCylmont 20 Jan 2016

Monika Ell pole dance champion and Wink brand ambassador performing a strong beautiful combo wearing Wink Men's Side Panel Shorts

MoNika Ell and Albanian Cambodian mix athlete was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA. His athletic history consist of: Pole fitness, aerial acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, cross- fit, yoga and Pilates. In 2013 he was awarded best male performer in Portland Oregon, 2014: 2nd at the prestigious Pole Passion "World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championship" in the United Kingdom , 1st at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship and 1st at The National Aerial Pole Art Championship. He currently teaches: Pole, aerial and Pilates in Arizona his home base but also travels nationally and internationally to teach and perform.


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