Wink is worn by the top dance and fitness athletes in the industry and was worn by the Sky Sports dance team, Love Island star Kady McDermott, Towie’s Lauren Goodger and Courtney Green, The Big Deal winner Lisette Krol, Got to Dance semi finalist Bendy Kate and many more. With many media appearances including The Sun, Daily Mail, Women’s Health, Muscle and Fitness Magazine.


We love this article in Brass Monkey titled 'STYLE HAS NO GENDER' featuring Wink Menswear Collection.


Wink's Compression Range was featured in Women's Health made from innovative Compression fabric designed to help smooth, shape and tone your body. The high tech MERYL® Sport Compression fabrics can reduce muscle fatigue, injury rates and post workout soreness (DOMS) to help speed up your recovery time.


Wink's Valencia Collection is featured in Brass Monkey Magazine titled Go Green with this Army inspired collection of olive shades. Also available in black, styled with silver and PVC trims. Made from recycled nylon fabrics dyed with environmentally safe dyes and made with eco friendly producion methods. Wink also use low carbon emissions, recycled packaging and bio degradable shipping bags.



Muscle and Fitness Magazine Publishes Wink Photoshoot Image

Images from the Wink photoshoot with model Danny Charge have been published in Muscle and Fitness magazine. Wink teamed with photographer Faceiro to promote the new Wink Men's High Leg Shorts. The photoshoot took place at Pole-Fit in Stoke-on-Trent in the back room of the old Aynsley Pottery factory in the freezing cold month of February. Danny braved the weather and performed crazy stunt after crazy stunt, creating amazing images which proved to be very popular on social media. The Wink shoot also showed off Danny Charge wearing the new Men's High Leg Shorts in gold, red and black.



TOWIE's Lauren Goodger Spotted Wearing Wink

Lauren Goodger from the ITV hit show 'The Only Way Is Essex' was caught coming out of the gym after her workout wearing Wink's Braided Leggings.

Lauren Goodger is clearly a fan of Wink and was spotted again wearing Wink's Elektra Leggings to her gym session with personal trainer. 

Becky Hampson wearing Wink in the Mail Online

Becky Hampson talks about the benefits of yoga and pole fitness and how it helped her through pregnancy, the birth and post birth. Wearing Wink's Terri and Lisette Set and bespoke Fitness Leggings by Wink Uniq.



TOWIE Features Wink Sparkly Catsuit

Wink's sparkly Long Sleeved Catsuit with Diamantes was featured in an episode of 'The Only Way Is Essex' during a circus party where dancers performed on Aerial Hoops and Silks. 

Wink agent Becky Hampson in the Wigan Today

Inspirational article about Wink UK agent Becky Hampson wearing Wink's new Empress Bikini Set

Wink Childrenswear Launch Articles

Wink designs and manufacture fitness clothing and dancewear in children's sizes, suitable for pole dancing, aerial arts, yoga, sports, fitness and gymwear. Wink selected a group of youth pole dance models to create a fun photoshoot of their children's range at Body Couture Pole Fitness Studio. Check out Wink's Childrenswear Shop.

Article by The Sentinel:

Wink's children's photoshoot was also featured in The Chronicle:

Wink Movie 'Chiaroscuro'

Wink are excited to announce the launch of their new movie titled 'Chiaroscuro' the Italian for 'Dark to Light' starring pole dance star Annalisa Muresu. Wink have teamed with Emmy award winning production company Junction 15 and make-up artist Melvic Make-up to create this unique story of coming out of the darkness and into the light. This short movie begins with Annalisa's birth into the darkness through a chrysalis state, who then uses dance and movement to portray her journey of empowerment into the light until she becomes an almost angelic higher being! Wink believe their brand empowers the wearer, bringing out their inner confidence!

Annalisa is wearing Wink's Asymmetric Monokini in Wetlook during her birth, which changes to metallic Silver with Starbust Crystals.

by Junction15 Productions


Wink Movie 'Inner Demon'

Starring Miss Pole Dance UK 2014 Lorna Walker and Mr Pole Dance UK 2014 Runner Up Ian Matthews. Starring Frank Lauder, Make-up by Lucas Swann, Hood by Jessica Wilcock, Costumes by Wink.

Lorna is wearing Wink's sparkly Long Sleeved Catsuit with Diamantes with Stirrup Leg Warmers, and Glitz Monokini with matching Arm Garter and Leg Garter.

by Junction15 Productions 


Sky Sports Cheerleaders in The Sun Newspaper

Sky Sports Cheerleders looking fantastic wearing Wink's Asymmetric Crop Top and Dance Skort at the PDC World Darts Championship.

Featured in photo: Owner of Wink Designs, Sarah McClymont wearing Wink Braided Leggings, Models Jo Dunwoody and Samantha Tune wearing Wink Virago Monokini and Sparkle Lace Vest.


The Sun Article Emma Haslam Wearing Wink

Emma Haslam was featured twice in The Sun newspaper wearing Wink's Studded Monokini.

Emma Haslam performing on Britain's Got Talent wearing Wink's Studded Monokini.

Emma Haslam wearing a bespoke Wink Monokini by Wink Uniq for The Sun newspaper.


The Mail Online Article Emma Haslam Wearing Wink


Volare Magazine Wink Review

Wink were excited to read a fantastic review by Volkare Magazine. Model in the picture: Justine McLucas wearing Wink's Slash Set and Braided Leggings.

Indigo Magazine Interview

Want to know how Wink began and how owner Sarah transitioned from fashion designer to setting up Wink?