Wink are proud to work with some of the world's most talented and inspirational athletes that have made a difference within the dance and fitness industry.

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Ekaterina Aralova from USA  was born in Russia. She is a professional model, US pole dance champion, certified pole dancer, stretching trainer and performer. 


- U.S National Pole Sport Champion

- Southern Pole Champion

- Pacific Pole Champion

- "North America Pole Championship" (3rd place)

- Atlantic Pole Championships (2nd place)

- National talent competition " Nextstar"

America's got Talent

- Liric Live Show





Claire is currently competing as an IFBB Professional Athlete which is the most prestigious body in the  fitness Industry. Claire  a former WBFF European Champion recently won IFBB Amateur Champion taking both the CLASS A and OVERALL titles. With 14 years PT experience, Claire takes real pride in her client’s results and thrives on this passion which she demonstrates in her PT sessions. Whether it is weight loss, muscle building or simply improving Physical appearance, for Claire this is not just turning up at the gym, this is a lifestyle choice providing her clients with additional tools in dietary and mental stability.  As a multi skilled performer and global dancer, Claire is not only a skilled fire performer, angle grinder, stole walker and podium dancer, but a champion competitive boxer. She plans to further her skills in stunt training, expanding her sports and fitness portfolio further.





World Champion Anna was engaged in artistic gymnastics for 13 years, winner and prize-winner of many All-Russian and International competitions. Master of Sports of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

1st place - World Pole Arts Championship 2017,

Italy 3st place - World Pole Champioships 2015,

China 1st place - Pole Fitness Hungarian Open 2014

Anna opened two schools for pole sports in Russia (Krasnodar).
















Kate Linsell is a pole athlete, Fitness Coach, WBFF Pro Fitness Model & Yogi. Kate loves being strong through her weight training and pole, whilst keeping bendy through stretch & yoga. Kate has 6 first place fitness titles including recently winning the WBFF UK Championships as a Fitness Diva Model. Pole was her first passion and has trained pole for just under 10 years at her pole studio & gym in Greater Manchester, UK. Kate also loves Wink Designs 💕💕💕



Amy Greenley Aerialist and Acro Yogi is known as Amy Inspiral. 24 years old, born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, Amy has been an avid hula hooper for over four years, as well as a professional visual performer and instructor for the last 2 1/2 years. She also dabbles in other Flow props such as contact staff, dragon staff, poi, and fire fans. Amy is not only a keen performer, but also coaches children's gymnastics.












Josiah BadAzz, world renowned pole artist 

Josiah Bad Azz is a world renowned pole artist that is gifted with an amazing talent on the pole. Starting from the age of 7, Bad Azz would often sneak away from his scheduled gymnastic assignments to experiment with an unprecedented routine all on his own. Bad Azz secretly purchased his own vertical, retractable pole for his bedroom at the age of 16 as a self taught pole dancer, where his artistic flow took him where no male before him had gone. He studied insatiably to improve his craft.

Hip hop, gymnastics, ballet, and contortion lessons filled his high school roster of events, before and after class hours.

Bad Azz has been featured on the Doctor's Show. During this notable segment, the cast of The Doctors joked about men getting involved on the pole, and Bad Azz played the role a regular audience member challenged to try a trick or two. He has been a recurring guest on the Jerry Springer Show, again featured as a gifted anomaly to the pole dancing community. He has also appeared on ABC Family, MTV, TruTV,La Hair and his own series of pole instructional videos, and countless brief television appearances and interviews.

2015 National Aerial Pole Art Champ, 2013 North American "Elite" Champion, 2010 PoleCon Spin & Tricks, 2010 "3rd Place " American Pole FitChamp



4 times World Pole Dance Champion and fitness model Natalia Tatarintseva started gymnastics when she was just four years old. All throughout this time, Nataliia trained and competed in rhythmic gymnastics, and was awarded both champion of the city and a regional champion in her discipline.

She was awarded a Master of Sports in Ukraine Rhythmic Gymnastics, was 7 times Ukraine champion, and the winner of both the European and World Championships. Then in 2010, she started to teach flexibility at one dance school, and this is where she tried Pole Sport for the first time. The following year, Natalia Tatarintseva started to compete nationally, winning the People’s Choice Award for one of the competitions. In September 2011, she competed in Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011 and took out First Place. She then moved on to win many titles and also her own schools in Ukraine!  







Sam King Mr Pole Fitness 2016 started poling 6 years ago without any dance, gymnastics or aerial background but since a friend dragged him to his first pole class he became obsessed and now spends as much time as he can upside down!

Sam is an official X-pole boy representing the company at a host of fitness conventions and was crowned Mr Pole Fitness UK at the 2016 October competition.

Sam has performed all over the globe at both corporate and private events, performing front of names such as Kate Moss and Simon Cowell! He has even appeared on BBC3’s show Bad Education, been featured on an item for BBC South East new, as well as in two music videos. Sam is a well-known name on the competition scene holding a host of titles and trophies. 





Ashley Fox, 28, is the Owner of Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios in New York & New Jersey. She is a competition coach, instructor, and cho
reographer. She has won 1st Place in the 2016 Paragon, New England Pole, Titans of Pole, and Atlantic Pole Championships. As well as the 2015 Atlantic Pole Championships, and the 2014 Pole Classic at Pole Expo. She strives to spread love, health,  and empowerment through pole dancing.



World Champion Galina Musina was born in Tula, Russia in 1992. As a child, she started attending rhythmic gymnastics, music and dance.

In 2010, she went to study in Moscow, where she lives at the moment. In Moscow, she teaches kids rhythmic gymnastics and beginner pole dance lessons for adults. In 2012 she attended her first pole dance class, and now its been one and a half years since she's into it. During this period, she successfully performed in Russian competitions. Won first place in the Championship of Russia and the CIS in 2013. In 2015, she became the World champion.

The Winner of the World Pole Sport Championship 2015 (Beijing, China)

Winner of the 5 Cup of Russia on air sports Equilibrium 2013 category pole art.

2nd runner up in the Pole Sport International 2013 (St.Petersburg)

Winner of the Superiority of Russia and CIS air sports equilibre.

The Finalist of the World Pole Dance Championship 2014 (4th place).





Blaine Petrovia, 2017 US National Pole Champion and full time nightlife performer is based in New York City. In addition to performing in venues throughout the country, Blaine also hosts and produces his own show ‘Filthy Pony’, a circus variety show that travels throughout NYC. Trained in several styles of dance including Dancehall, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Aerial training includes aerial silks, aerial hoop (Lyra) and Pole Dancing. Available internationally and domestically for private lessons, workshops and performances. Instagram: @blainepetrovia







MoNika Ell an Albanian Cambodian mix athlete, performer and artist was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA.

His athletic history consist of: Pole fitness, aerial acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, cross-fit, yoga and Pilates.

In 2013 he was awarded best male performer in Portland Oregon, 2014.

2nd at the prestigious Pole Passion "World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championship" in the United Kingdom.

1st at the Florida Pole Fitness Championship and 1st at The National Aerial Pole Art Championship.

He currently teaches: Pole, aerial and Pilates in Arizona his home base but also travels nationally and internationally to teach and perform.







Gemma is a Pure Elite pro. Tattooed muscle model champion, fitness over 35 model champion and 3rd international model. Nominated for best female pro and most motivation competitor.

UkUP Bikini over 35 1st place, bikini athletic 2nd place.
NFMUK pro. Tattooed and fitness overs champion.
WBFF 2nd and 3rd place fitness diva.









International pole champion, 4 time national pole champion and 4 time state pole champion Gracie Buntine is a true dancer and has been involved in the dance industry for over 10 years on numerous levels. Her titles are: 

​​2019 2ndRU Dance Filthy Professional

2018/19 Miss Pole Dance Australia Champion

2018/19 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion

2017/18 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia

2017 Pro Pole Art Champion (Pole Theatre Aus 2017)

2016/17 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia

2016/17 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion 

2015/16 2ndRU Miss Pole Dance Australia 

2015/16 Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific Champion 

2015 1stRU Aerial All Stars 

2014 Aerial All Stars Champion 

2014/15 Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion

2013 Miss Ink Victoria

2013/14 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Australia

2013/14 1stRU Miss Pole Dance Victoria

2013 Professional Victorian Pole Champion

2012 Australian Pole Fitness Champion

Gracie has been a featured pole performer all over the globe and is proudly sponsored athlete who joyfully performs and instructs all over the world. Gracie is the proud founder & mentor of her pole, performance & lifestyle coaching business The Institute of Stardust.



Ava Madison attended ballet, pointe, gymnastics and modern dance classes from a young age and began pole dancing at the age of 33. Deeply tied to the arts, Ava’s roots always desire the creative process. When not dancing she can be found creating one-of-a-kind dance and aerial related jewellery and treasures for the dance community. Ava creates all her works from her home studio and loves representing the home-poling community. Self taught aerialist, entrepreneur and mother of two, Ava Madison combines her experience, love for dance and her talent in the arts to inspire others into pursuing healthy living and expressionism through the movement arts.







Mimi our youngest brand ambassador started pole at just 6 years old and has been competing and performing worldwide.

Winner of the Cheshire Aerial Championships Youth Category 2016 & 2017.

British Pole Superstar Youth Winner 2017 

British Pole Superstar Competition runner up 2016 and Best Entertainer 2016.

Pole Theatre USA Pro finalist 2017

Pole Theatre UK 2018 Youth Category Drama Winner and Overall Winner.

Pole Theatre UK Pro Comedy Double Winner (With Daniel Rosen)

TeenStar UK 2018 - 4th Place

Pole Art UK 2018 - Judge

Pole Theatre UK Amateur and 2019 - Judge and Guest Performer

Pole Theatre UK Semi Pro 2019 - Drama Winner

 Mimi is also a Children’s Pole and Aerial Xpert Instructor.



Emma has been teaching Pole Dance since 2006, and also runs Aerial Classes; Silks, Hoop and Trapeze, Strength and Flex classes, Dancercise, Hula Hoop and Pole Aerobics.

Emma hosts her own International Pole and Aerial competition IPAAT in the UK.

Emma is best known for inspiring women worldwide with her amazing strength and pole ability and has had several TV and media appearances.

Emma got through to the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2014 and wowed the judges with her amazing performance, please click on the link below:


Sky Sports Dance Team

We were honoured to be approached by the Sky Sports Dance Team who regularly tour wearing Wink! The girls said "This is the first time in ages that we've been excited about receiving our dance kit!"

Sky Sports Dance Team


What our Ambassadors say about Wink…



I have been working with Sarah @ Wink for quite some years now. I’ve been on the Pole Dance competition scene since 2007 and have won 11 UK pole dance titles including Miss Pole Dance UK in 2007 & 2018. My body size varies depending on competition season so anytime I have wanted a costume be it for training, pole performance, a photoshoot or competition, Wink has provided me with the perfect outfit. I have had some bespoke costumes done too. I’m especially fond of the Athena range (I have it in a few colours) because the shorts are high waisted and the cut on the bum is perfect for my booty shaking classes ☺️



Never have I been so comfortable in men’s pole shorts as when I’m wearing Wink. The fit works so well I never have to worry about what the audience or students may or may not see. They’re comfortable to wear, and allow me unrestricted range of motion, plus the designs are always awesome.



I love working as a Wink brand ambassador because I love brand Wink!

Wink represents fitness, pole and flexibility in an inspiring and empowering way through its super sassy and creative designs and ethos ❤️

It represents girl power at its best 💞 

I love fitness, pole and flexibility equally and believe that the are the most rewarding ways ever of getting in your best shape but also making your body an art and achieving things you once thought were impossible! Wearing Wink makes you feel even more amazing whilst achieving your fitness goals 🌈 Look your best, feel your best, achieve your best!! 

Team Wink! 💫💫💫



I love Wink for so many reasons. The first time I went to UKPPC I asked Sarah if any of her outfits would fit me but I was so young at the time that even their XS was still quite big for me. Sarah listened and launched a children's range and asked if I would be their first youth brand ambassador. I was so happy.

The second is that Wink are so supportive, through my poling years there have been many ups and downs and Sarah and the team have encouraged me through all of them.

The third is that their clothing is amazing. It's different, colours and designs like no other company and so versatile that they could be used as training gear, for photo shoots or even for performing in. Their outfits are hard wearing and so comfortable to wear and you can have them custom made too.

The fourth is that I think they promote good physiological awareness for all body shapes and sizes. As a child growing up in an industry where body image is a big deal I think that Wink are always very aware about promoting a person rather than a stereotype and they aren't afraid to think outside the box making sure that everyone is welcome in the Wink world. I have seen many brands that their sizing is so small and I think that if a lady is usually a medium in a normal size but in a different brand they have to wear a large or in some cases an XL that can have an effect on them to feel bad about themselves. Wink really embrace that everyone has a different body shape and make sure everything is available for everyone.

I love you Wink, you have always supported me from the first time I met you still now. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I always want to make you proud - Mimi x x x



I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent WINK. Not only is the quality & fit of the fitness wear of the highest quality, there is no other brand with a design or style that comes close, WINK is within its own league. WINK has a style for all, anything from pole fitness to weight training. The sportswear has a comfortable silk-like feel on the skin & doesn't compromise on making you feel sexy. This is only the beginning for WINK & I am really looking forward to the future to see what else they release.



I enjoy being a Wink ambassador because I love that the clothes are eco-friendly and high quality, that Wink work to empower their wearers and always look to expand their brand to fit as many people in as many different types of sports as possible.



I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for Wink Fitnesswear. The brand celebrates strong, determined and talented women of multifarious sporting abilities and prowess. The gym and pole wear is glamorous, fashionable and extremely wearable, supporting you and your body in every practice 😉. The designs are cutting edge and unique. Everyone needs a special set to make them feel as amazing as they can be during a workout!



I have been a brand ambassador for Wink for many years now , this is an exciting role that I take pride and pleasure in. I get mega excited about receiving Wink in the post and can't wait to try it on and see how it feels whilst teaching classes and how it looks in modelling shoots, it never disappoints and always exceeds my expectations.

Wink clothing has an aura to it, when I wear it my mood is lifted and my confidence grows, it's my passion to help others feel this way. 

The range has a variety of styles to suit everything from casual and fitness to dance and dress up.



I love being a Wink Ambassador not only because the fitness wear is bright, colourful, full of character but also the materials are comfortable, stretchy, squat proof and feel amazing. I  love being part of the Wink team, we represent a brand we love and believe in. We are a team who takes pride in Wink clothing and let’s face it looks amazing wearing Wink too!