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What is Exotic Pole Dance and is it for Me?

by Sarah McClymont 11 Oct 2021

What is Exotic Pole Dance and is it for Me?

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’re quite familiar with traditional pole dance and pole fitness. But there is one particular type of pole dance which has been bursting on to the scene recently, and that is exotic pole dance.

what is exotic pole dancing
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So, What is Exotic Pole Dance?

Exotic pole dance utilises the basics of traditional pole dancing and demands the same level of endurance, strength, and skill, however the main difference is the introduction of a more sensual element. This is done in several ways:

  • More Dance Choreography

Exotic pole dancing is always practiced and performed to music, so the art of dance is extremely important. Pole moves and dance moves are carefully combined in routines which flow seamlessly to the beat of the music.

exotic pole dance
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  • Increased Floor Work

The dance Choreography used in exotic pole dance tends to incorporate the use of the floor. Somewhere traditional pole dancers may rarely venture to! Floor work can incorporate many moves including crawling and sliding, all of which add to that exotic element.


exotic pole dancing
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  • High Heels

Heels are worn for exotic pole dancing. Very high ones in fact! This not only adds a more exotic appearance to the routine but gives the dancer an undeniable sense of sensuality and confidence. Although exotic pole dancers may make it look super easy, don’t be fooled! Dancing in such high heels can be tricky and requires a lot of practice.


Is Exotic Pole Dance for Me?

Exotic pole dance is often adopted by those who practice other forms of pole dance and are ready to learn more. It is also of interest to dancers who want to add pole work into their skill set and routines.

That being said. You don’t need to have a background in pole dance or any other form of dance to take up exotic pole dance. If you are keen to explore your sensual side and are prepared to work up a sweat (and believe us, you will) then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try exotic pole dance.


What do I Need to get Started?


The first thing you’ll need to do is to find a pole dance teacher which specifically teaches the art of exotic pole dancing. A quick Google search will introduce you to teachers and academies in your local area. Always make sure that you read all their information and reviews before making your final choice.


As mentioned, you will need a pair of high heels for exotic pole dancing. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a pair of high heels that you already own whilst you test the waters with exotic pole dance but if you decide to continue with it, we recommend investing in a pair of heels specifically designed for pole dance. These tend to have a very high platform and an even higher heel for that ‘extreme’ look. They will also offer much needed grip for safety and a higher level of comfort which you will certainly appreciate!

is exotic pole dance for me?


As with all other forms of pole dance, the ‘less clothes the better’ rule applies. This is so that you benefit from that skin to pole grip. It is important that the clothing you do wear is of a high quality so that it doesn’t hinder your performance and also ensures a high level of comfort. Here at Wink Fitness, we offer a wide range of premium exotic dance wear. We are passionate about ensuring that all of our exotic pole clothing is made from the highest quality materials which are soft and comfortable on your skin, lightweight and wick moisture away from the body. What’s more, our exotic dance clothing features intelligent contouring to enhance the natural shape of your body, boosting that all important confidence.

exotic pole dancing
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We wish you all the best on your journey into exotic pole dancing!

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