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The Ultimate Aerial Silks Beginners Guide

by Sarah McClymont 12 Jan 2022

Looking for a new and exciting way of keeping fit in 2022? Then if it’s not already, aerial silks should definitely be on your radar! Most people have heard of aerial silks but are unsure what it actually entails. That’s where we can help! We have pulled together this handy guide to aerial silks for beginners so that you can learn about the basics and can decide if it’s right for you.

Aerial silks beginners guide

Model wearing Braided Catsuit

So, what is aerial silks?

It might come as no surprise that aerial silks actually originates from circus performances, from as far back as the 1980s. Much like back then, aerial silks as we know it today involves performing fluent dance-like movements and poses whilst suspended in the air between two long pieces of fabric. Through strength and technique, the aerial silks artist will climb the silks and wrap them tactically around the body to achieve both an effective full body workout and a captivating form of performance.

What are the benefits of aerial silks?

Aerial silks delivers many fitness benefits. During an aerial silks class, every muscle in the body will be used, delivering a full body workout every time! Each class will build on core strength and leg strength but most of all it will build upper body and arm strength. The moves which you will learn and perfect will also increase your flexibility which will in turn provide joint suppleness and mobility benefits.

But, aerial silks benefits are not just limited to fitness. Aerial silks is also great for mental health, confidence and motivation as well as the social benefits which come with joining an aerial silks beginners class.

Where can I learn aerial silks?

As a beginner, we recommend that you attend an aerial silks class run by a professional who can firstly teach you all the safety guidelines followed by all the basics to get you well on your way. Once you are feeling more confident, you can either continue to attend aerial silks classes or you may want to practice aerial silks from home using online classes or videos.

To find local aerial silks classes you can simply search for ‘aerial silks classes near me’ in Google to view local classes on a map. Alternatively, you can search for ‘aerial silks classes in….’ followed by your location which will display the websites of local studios.  

Learning aerial silks

Model wearing Braided Catsuit

What should I expect from an aerial silks beginners class?

Attending a new class of any kind can take you out of your comfort zone and be quite nerve wracking but try to remember that everybody is in the same boat. Your instructor will be fully aware of your ability level and will be there to guide you through the whole process.

Your first class won’t entail anything too difficult. Knowing that you are a totally novice, your instructor will provide an introduction to aerial silks followed by important safety instructions. You will then move on to a gentle warm up to get your heart beating, blood pumping and muscles stretched. Next, you will get to experience the silks for the first time through some basic climbing techniques and suspended poses.

By the end of your first aerial silks beginners class, we guarantee you will be itching to do more!

What should I wear for aerial silks?

Tight, comfortable fitness wear which covers the majority of the body is best for aerial silks. Think fitted Lycra leggings and t-shirt. Material which has a high amount of stretch, and a minimal number of seams (like our compression range) will allow you to move more freely and avoid chafing. Try to keep your stomach and back covered to avoid friction from the fabric and most importantly ensure that there are no zips or detailing on your clothing which could get caught.

Aerial silks benefits

Model wearing Kali Set

So, if by now you are chomping at the bit to go ahead and try aerial silks, then what are you waiting for!? We guarantee that you won’t regret giving this incredible activity a try and you may just find your true fitness passion!

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