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How to Buy the Best Fitness Pole for Home Use

by Sarah McClymont 13 Aug 2021

In our previous blog ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Learning to Pole Dance at Home, we briefly touched on the importance of finding the right pole for you when embarking on your home pole dancing journey. In this blog post we will go into more detail about:

  • The different types of home dance poles
  • The choice of pole diameters
  • The various pole materials available
  • The most useful pole features

By weighing up all the above, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best home fitness pole for you.


best dance pole for home use

 Natasha Wang wearing Asymmetric Monokini


Different Types of Fitness Poles

There are 3 main types of fitness poles to consider for home use. The best one for you will most likely come down to the space you have.

  • A tension and pressure pole

This is the most popular pole for home use as it can be put up and taken down easily whilst still providing a high level of sturdiness. This is a great option if you don’t have a space which you can dedicate to pole fitness full-time or you would prefer to put it out of site when you have visitors.


  • A freestanding pole with a sturdy base

Although you may feel quite a bit more movement when using this type of pole, they do have a very heavy base which keeps them very safe. This does however mean that they can be quite difficult to move around the home. This would be the best pole dancing pole for homes with unusually high ceilings or for those who wish to do pole fitness outdoors.


  • A permanent ceiling mounted pole

These types of poles are only suitable for people who have a dedicated space in their home for pole fitness. They will need to be attached to the ceiling and are therefore not so easy to remove or move around. You should also be aware that they can leave damage to the ceiling after they have been removed due to the drilling required. 


Different Pole Diameters

If you have been attending pole fitness classes, then you may wish to buy a home fitness pole which is the same size as the ones you are used to. Another factor when choosing the right pole diameter may be the size of your hands.

Fitness poles do come in a variety of diameters including:

  • 40mm

This is the slimmest pole on the market and only tends to be used by people with particularly small hands as they can be hard to grip for the average person.


  • 42mm

This diameter is slightly easier to grip than the 40mm pole, however it is still on the small side for the average person.


  • 45mm

This is the most purchased pole size as it provides a good grip for most, so if you would say you have average size hands then this pole is for you.


  • 50mm

This is the second most popular pole size as it is still easy to grip. This size is also suitable for those with larger hands.


Different Pole Materials

Fitness poles are available in various materials. The best material for you will depend on many factors including the amount of grip you require, the climate you live in and the look you want to achieve.

The main fitness pole materials on the market are:

  • Chrome

Chrome is the most popular pole material as it is high quality but cheap. It provides a suitable level of grip in all climates and is easy to maintain, although if not cared for properly it can become chipped or rusty over time. You will find that most pole fitness classes use chrome poles, so you may want to stick to what you know.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a high-quality metal which provides good all-round benefits. It is great for humid conditions and people with particularly sweaty hands. It is easy to clean and is rust resistant. The only real downside to stainless steel poles is that they are more expensive than chrome poles.

  • Brass

Brass poles are generally more expensive again, as brass is another high-quality metal. Brass is rust resistant like stainless steel; however brass is not as strong as stainless steel or chrome so it can be more susceptible to damage. They are easy to maintain and tend to have a more impressive finish. Brass also provides a higher level of grip, so it is the best for more humid climates.

  • Titanium Gold

Titanium gold fitness poles tend to be made from chrome but coated with titanium gold, which makes them quite pricey. They have an impressive finish and provide a high level of grip making them suitable for humid climates. The main downside of this pole material is that the coating can wear off over time.


  • Powder and Silicone Coated

Powder and silicone coated poles are rarer, as they are newer to the market. They are designed specifically for those who suffer with poor grip which makes them ideal for warmer climates. Unlike the above metal poles, these can come in a variety of colours so they can make a really great feature in your room!

best home dance pole

Useful Features

To ensure that you choose the best home fitness pole for you and your specific needs you should also consider what features you would like your pole to have.


Some features to consider are:


  • Static or Spinning

Some people prefer the stability of a static pole, whilst other people like the ‘fun’ element which comes with a spinning pole. A spinning pole can also open the doors to new moves. If you are unsure, you could always opt for a pole which can do both.

  • Adjustable Height

If you think that you may want to use your pole in various rooms with different ceiling heights, then it is wise to get an adjustable pole.


  • Portability

If you need to regularly carry your pole from A to B, you should look for a pole with good portability features such as lightweight, easy break down and a quality carry case.


best pole dancing pole for home

Ava Madison wearing Intimates Set 

You should now have all the knowledge that you need to pick out the best dance pole for home use, for yourself. Just remember that when it comes to purchasing a home fitness pole, higher quality means better safety, which is extremely important. Make sure that you opt for a reputable brand and a trustworthy supplier.


Happy shopping!

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