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Daniel Rosen Pole Profile by #MenPoleToo

by Sarah McCylmont 22 Jul 2016

Wink are excited to be working with pole blogger Keith Fusco owner of MenPoleToo. MenPoleToo was created for the pole industry to grow the awareness of male pole dance within the community. Wink are currently expanding their men's pole clothing range, with Brand Ambassadors US Champion Monika Ell and the amazing Josiah 'BadAzz' Grant, so are really excited to be working with MenPoleToo who are creating a series of short 'Pole Star' videos. The first video is a Pole Profile for Wink sponsored athlete and Mr Pole Dance UK winner Daniel Rosen shot at Northern Pole Dance. 

Keith Fusco - MenPoleToo

"I started Men Pole Too a few months after I started doing pole dancing in 2014. When I was searching the internet for inspiration and to look into things further as a male pole dancer, there wasn't that much online content. As a result, I decided that I'd make my own page to share information and media with people in the same position as myself. The page was initially just sharing things of myself and my progress, but as it's grew more and more, I've been blessed that other men are sharing their content on the page. Expanding on this to keep the page fresh and unique and being a photographer and filmmaker myself, I've started a project which is to start creating videos with all pole artists (Including females, but mainly male focused) to find out about them and to share them about so people can be inspired, find new people to follow or learn more about their favourite pole stars."

Monika Ell

Wink brand ambassador Monika Ell wearing Wink's Men's Monokini with Starburst Crystals. Photography by Alloy Images.

Josiah 'BadAzz' Grant

Wink brand ambassador Josiah Grant sks BadAzz wearing Wink's men's Emperor Shorts in Black Wetlook and Metallic Red with funky mesh side panels. Photography by J.Brown Photography.

Dawid Skowronek

Sponsored athlete Dawid Skowronek wearing Wink's Men's Shoulder Top and Men's Pole Shorts in bespoke gold from WinkUniq



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