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How much time do you lose every day to your pole fitness addiction?

If, like me, you're suffering from chronic OPD (Obsessive Pole Disorder) then you're going to love what I have lined up for you today!

These must have apps for pole dancers are all tools that I use to save time day to day, because it's hard to fit in all that working out, stretching and dancing and still have time to appreciate and share your hard work afterwards!

While a couple of these are just for fun, the majority of them are going to save you a bunch of time and help to fast track your progress, so let's get straight to it!

What You Will Learn

  • How To Be A Pole Geek With Photo Apps
  • Hacks To Track Flexibility Progression
  • How To Create Your Own A-Z Catalogue Of Pole Moves
  • How To Quickly Identify Music You Hear
  • Places To Find Inspiration For New Moves
  • How To Track Your Health & Fitness Goals

Video & Picture Editing Solutions

When I finish a pole session, the first thing I'll usually want to do is check through my pictures and videos to see how progress is coming along.

So when it comes to getting all your best angles into one video and making your pictures look nice you need a good editing app to turn to, and these four are some of my personal favourites!

1) Pics Art

Pics ArtAndroid Download / iPhone Download

PicsArt is a great tool for adding filters, cropping, rotating and adding effects to your pictures, so if you want to have a sketch or cartoon of yourself on the pole they've got it covered, you could even make your own comic style pictures!

Cartoon Comic Sketch Pictures

It's also great for progress shots, just pic a picture or two, add a nice layout and background and use the text options to add your before and after text. No matter what the occasion, it's good for creating cool pole collages :)

May The Fourth Be With You

In case you're wondering, May 4th is a real occasion and that is a very cool collage right there!

2) Laser Sword Photo Editor

Laser Sword Photo EditorAndroid Download / iPhone Download

So, perhaps this one isn't for everyone, but if it's not your thing then you're just not cool enough!

Laser Sword Photo Editor should never be missing from the app collection of the pole geek because it's just what you need to transform your pole into a light saber! It'll come in handy for those May 4th celebratory pole pictures and to celebrate new Star Wars movies coming out.

Light Saber Pole Dance

No laughing, it's a super important app!

3) PIP Camera

PIP CameraAndroid Download / iPhone Download

PIP Camera is another 'just for fun' picture editing app, it's handy for making cute picture edits and depending on the templates you use sometimes helps to eliminate background clutter by blurring it out.

Here are a few examples of pictures I made with the app...

PIP Camera Pole Collage

It's a lot of fun if you want to make your pole pictures into magazing covers or give them a more interesting canvas!

4) Splice

Splice AppiPhone Download

I didn't have much use for video editing tools in the past, but since Instagram's latest update has made trimming video clips such a nightmare and with Facebook on the hunt for music rights this app has become something I couldn't live without!

Splice lets you easily cut and paste sections of your different video clips together in any order, allowing you to make move progress videos or just a mash up of your personal favourites.

Splice Examples

You can use their selection of stock music to replace copyrighted music or you can just mute them altogether.

You can also use it to add music from your iTunes collection so to avoid the Facebook copyright triggers you could use shorter excerpts of a few songs together.

Because this app is not available on Google Play Store, I found an Android alternative that is commonly recommended by pole dancers: Viva Video.

Improve & Track Your Flexibility

One thing we all have in common as pole dancers is that we're never quite happy with our flexibility, no matter your level there's always something to work on and improve.

That's why I love these apps that make life a whole lot easier from training your flexibility to tracking the progress.

5) Photo Measures Lite

Photo Measures LiteAndroid Download / iPhone Download

This little tool for measuring angles is cleverly disquised as a DIY and home decor app, but that's not all it's good for!

It's also great for tracking and physically measuring your flexibility progress and although the lite version only allows one photo to be used at a time until you upgrade, it does the job.

Once you've saved one progress picture you can delete it and start another one in just a couple of clicks. Here is a brief overview of how to use the app:

How To Use Photo Measures

Pretty neat huh?

Just add your photo, choose the line tool and change it to measure angles and you'll be able to measure to see just how far you have come.

How To Track Flexibility Progress

If you want to compare two pictures together like I have here just combine your apps!

Simply create a progress collage in PicsArt and upload it into Photo Measures and you'll be able to get your before and after measures in one shot.

6) Stretch It App

Stretch It AppAndroid Download / iPhone Download

This is primarily a paid app, but it does come with a 7 day free trial so you can try it out for yourself!

You can start your free trial whenever you're ready once you have downloaded the app, after which you'll be able to choose from a variety of different training options.

Stretch It Demo

The app offers everything from full body stretching packages to weight loss, back bending and stretching for all types of splits, so it really fits in with the goals of your average pole dancer!

If you decide you love the app it's only £3.99 per month once your free trial is over and with so many people already seeing great progress this app is definitely worth a look!

Organising Chaos

This next app is a life saver, not just for pole but for organising almost my entire life, I don't know where I'd be without it!

7) Evernote

EvernoteAndroid Download / iPhone Download

I usually prefer to stay well away from my phone during a pole session, mainly because it can be a huge distraction and if you spend too long looking at pole pictures on your phone you are definitely going to need to warm up again!

That's why I use a pocket planner and daily session planner to plan my goals and track progress.

The only problem with that is when you're working on something new and you just have to see a picture to know where those arms and legs need to go!

That's where Evernote comes in useful. When you see pictures of moves you want to try online you can copy and paste them into your pole dancing notebook in Evernote. Take a look at how the finished product looks in my phone:

Evernote For iPhone

If you can't be bothered to make your own, here are a couple more places you can find an inventory of pole moves...

Inspiration For New Moves

While the mash up of moves available to search on Instagram using Michelle Shimmy's amazing plan to tag #PD_____ before each move is fantastic, it's somewhat problematic if you're not sure of names or difficulty levels.

People often make these things look effortless on instagram, and that's where we need to be cautious. For a more structured approach to finding new inspiration for moves you can check out these handy guides!

8) Pole Guide

Pole GuideAndroid Download / iPhone Download

The Pole Guide offers a whole feed of inspiration on the home page along with a more official A-Z of moves in another tab.

If you are looking for something specific you can also use the search bar at the top.

Pole Guide Intro

There's the option to upload your own content and upvote other user's pictures on this one too which gives it a nice community feel, and you can also save your favourite moves to come back and view later.

9) Sexy Pole Dancing For Beginners

Pole Dancing For BeginnersAndroid Download / iPhone Download

The lessons in this app are ideal for either the beginner pole dancer or the fitness fanatic who wants to take a step back and focus on that floorwork and flow.

Brought to you by xPert certified instructor Liz M, the app offers a few free introductory videos including a welcome video, sample dance and 101 for beginners and you also get free access to two videos from the sensual warm up.

Introduction To Pole Dance

If you want to access all areas of this app you'll need to pay, once you've done that you'll be able to learn floorwork including body waves, pirouettes, sexy push ups, how to stand up sexy, wavy legs and much more.

There's quite a lot to learn in here and it's a steal at just $1.99 if you decide you want in!

10) NEW! PDC App

Pole Dance CommunityAndroid Download / iPhone Download

Recently launched is this great app from Pole Dance Community which shares their core moves syllabus in video format.

Priced at £2.99 the app isn't free, so just to check it was up to scratch I bought a copy to test out for you guys.

Pole Dance Community Insights

After purchasing you'll get immediate access to short video clips of every move in their core syllabus with a nice easy layout that allows you to search by difficulty level or alphabetical order.

You can also save ones you want to work on in your 'favourites' folder and submit gradings using your AAP membership code if you have one. The app even supports instructor submissions!


What would a pole dancer be without their music?

Whether you're looking for some music to get you motivated for those core strength drills or something sexy to practise your floor work these handy apps are really useful!

11) Shazam

ShazamAndroid Download / iPhone Download

If you're ever stuck wondering how to identify that song you just heard that would be PERFECT for a pole routine, you'll love this handy app.

Shazam gives you the power to instantly identify music that you love in one tap of a button, I'm not sure how I survived without it.

Shazam Overview

If you're rushing to catch the end of a track that's playing on the radio there's no need to panic either, because it's as easy as asking Siri!

Ask Siri Shazam

Just hold the middle button on your iPhone and ask Siri to 'Shazam This Song' - Android users will need to start with 'OK Google!' It's also super easy to use Shazam to purchase your favourites in iTunes or Google Play Music and add them to your spotify account.

12) WavePad Audio Editor

WavePad Audio EditorAndroid Download / iPhone Download

Are you looking for a tool to cut the length of a performance track?

This app is a great free tool to achieve just that, with a range of music and voice recording and editing tools.

WavePad Insights

WavePad Audio Editor makes it really easy to edit your audio files with simple copy, cut and paste tools and you'll also be able to experiment with a bunch of cool sound effects.

Health & Fitness

There are so many workout, fitness, diet and health apps out there so it's often difficult to know where to start.

To keep things nice and simple, I like to begin by finding fitness apps that I can sync with each other to save a little time.

13) Six Pack by Runtastic

Six Pack By RuntasticAndroid Download / iPhone Download

The free version of this app gives you a 10 day ab ripping workout that increases in length and intensity each day, great for if you need a little workout inspiration on the go and you're short on time!

When you upgrade with Six Pack you can also find workout programs tailored to your needs and it will even sync with your Apple Health app to work out your individual plan.

14) My Fitness Pal

My Fitness PalAndroid Download / iPhone Download

My Fitness Pal is a calorie counting app which allows you to set personal daily targets for carb, fat and protein intake.

The app will set you a personal calorie allowance based on how you set it up, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.

My Fitness Pal Set Up

All you have to do, is enter what you have eaten throughout the day in the diary each day and record any workouts or fitness activities.

The app also knocks off calories for your daily steps walked and syncs with most step counters if you are using one, including all Garmin devices.

Putting It All Together!

Finally, I just want to share with you this amazing tool that again helps to organise so much more than just my pole pictures!

This site uses recipes to connect and automate features on some of your apps to save you a bunch of time!

15) If This Then That (IFTTT)

If This Then That IFTTTAndroid Download / iPhone Download

This tool is an app to create simple connections between some of your other apps giving you some great social media & storage space hacks.

I know you don't need me to explain every social media app you can get for your phone to find communities, inspiration, share your progress and celebrate so instead I'm sharing a way to connect all of those accounts in super cool and creative ways!

IFTTT is short for If This Then That, it's an automation tool that will sync activities between any compatible apps you choose so that you don't have to keep repeating actions in every single one.

It does a lot more than just connect social platforms too, with loads of cool formulas like having pictures you are tagged in automatically save to your phone.

Handy for post-pole class when everyone starts uploading and tagging each other in today's pictures, it'll save you all a bunch of time usually spent sending them to each other in messages.

You can do a huge array of things with it so it's best to log in and experiment. Other cool recipes people have made with it include automatically muting your phone when you get to work and unmuting it when you get home, and even being able to turn up the ringing volume via text if your phone is lost!

Here's a quick look at my favourite recipe for my pole pictures:

IFTTT Recipe

It really bugs me that when I select to share my pictures on Facebook and Twitter from an Instagram upload, people on Twitter will only ever see a plain text link leading to Instagram.

That's a thing of the past for me, because this recipe says that IF I post a picture on Instagram, THEN it will show up on my Twitter feed as an actual picture instead!

Some of the social media platforms that connect with IFTTT are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. It's just another helpful tool that I use to save time, so it would be rude not to share it with you!

Happy Poling!

I hope that my article has opened the doors to some great new time saving tools to feed your pole addiction :)

by Wink guest blogger Gemma Young of LovePoleKisses

To read more stories by LovePoleKisses, visit their website:


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